Counseling to help you grow mindfully and live intentionally

Oftentimes we act in mindlessness out of habit and routine, even if it’s not working for us or causes us to be out of alignment with our values. Out of convenience, fear, or complacency we play certain roles and act out certain scripts that we know well. My goal is to help you reflect on the way you are living and explore whether your thoughts and behaviors are serving you well. I want to help you grow in awareness and act in mindfulness so that you can recognize your freedom of choice and intentionally choose to be more in alignment with your values and beliefs, reaching your most authentic self.

Therapy is a safe space for you to explore change

Change can be a difficult and painful process; having someone travel this journey with you makes it a little easier. I believe human connection is of the utmost importance and I strive to foster an environment of connection by giving you my full presence, authentically engaging, and seeking to understand you. I want to give you a secure base from which you can explore how to change your life and provide you with the support you need to move towards change and healing.

Helping you to awaken to possibility

I don’t have solutions to your problems and I don’t give advice. My job is to help you awaken to possibility and figure out how to stop perpetuating the unwanted patterns of thoughts and behavior that you engage in because of self-limiting thoughts. I will help you identify the obstacles that are blocking you from improving your life and utilize the resources you have within to overcome or remove these obstacles.